Tom's Notes


Kitchen Remodeling Notes

If you want a whole new kitchen, its easier than you might think. There are many ways to update a kitchen and give it that modern look. Even adding an island counter with a sink, or a big French window to your kitchen has become super easy these days.

Our customers are always amazed how much can be done to a kitchen for under $1,000. And for less than $5,000 an entirely new kitchen can be completed in less than a week, replacing every appliance in the kitchen, and changing the look of the cabinets and walls to create a modern dream kitchen.

The process begins by inviting us over to check out your existing kitchen and then creating a fantasy list of changes and updates. Then its our turn. We will shop for deals and create designs to include in a free estimate for your project. Most of the time our customers are amazed by how much can be done on a budget. Worth noting.

Backyard Improvement Notes

Thinking about a new patio cover? Replacing old fences? Cleaning up and restoring a wood deck? These are all affordable and quick ways to make your backyard look great again. Fixing your fences may only require a few hours of work. Completing an entirely new Patio Cover can be done in one day. Restoring a wood deck might only require a hundred dollars in material and an hour of two of labor.

The backyard of every home is a potential oasis of relaxation and recreation. It is also a great way to get ready for summer. The take away note is this: We have experience with thousands of backyard improvements. Give us a call with your ideas and let us help you make them a reality.

Take control of Rotting Fascia Boards

The easy way to repair rotting fascia boards is to have us come in and replace all the rotten wood with fresh pre-stained wood. But not every rotting board needs replacement right away. Some wood is years away from needing replacement and some wood should have been replaced years ago. The first thing to look at is Termite damage. If there is any termite damage or termite history, then all the wood needs to be replaced. If there is no termit history, then the wood needs to be 100% covered with a modern stain or primer/paint. That way the rotting will slow down and the wood will be protected from termite invasion.

Whatever budget a homeowner has, even if it is only $250 per year, it can be focused on the problem and in most cases it will take control of the rotting wood. But if you don't call in the expert, you will postpone the project and the project will become a monster job. Don't let that happen, just call us in to look at your Orange County home. We will create a plan for you to take control of your restoration with an affordable and sensible project.

Solar Rebates are Back

Did you know that solar rebates are back in LA, Orange, San Diego and Riverside Counties? It seems like anywhere you live, you could qualify to have various agencies cover up to 60% of the cost of a solar electric system. But the best part is that you no longer need to purchase the solar panels that replace your electric bills at all. You can let the utility company pay for the panels, and you simply lock in a lower utility bill for the next 20 years, with guaranteed low payments and the satisfaction that comes from generating clean power.